So now you have Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and it's time to engage with your clients and prospects. Your agents are ready to go and do what they do best! Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement already gives you the option of universal searching and click-to-dial to speed up your agents' interaction with the system, but it's in the small stuff that you begin to see potential for improvement - incoming calls require your agent to concentrate on the customer while trying to ask for information to search on, and then sifting through different entities and matches to find the information they need. And only when they go into that entity can they begin solving the client's issue. It works, but how much more efficient would it be if Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement simply executed that search for you automatically on incoming calls, and showed you only the relevant matching entities right there in the current display without upsetting the agent's status quo? So maybe a telephony integration might do the trick? There are plenty of telephony integrations out there. But most are big and full of features you may never use in your specific environment, meaning money spent on licensing features you may never use, and time wasted on planning and customising those features.

Enter CallPAC. CallPAC is a light-weight, simple telephony integration with a minimal footprint and requiring only basic setup and configuration.

So what does CallPAC do? Why would you use CallPAC instead of a bigger, more complex solution? Well mainly because it is so quick and easy! No fuss and bother. No need to set up a major project. Simply tell us what you need CallPAC to do and we'll deliver a solution to install and walk you through setting up Channel Integration Framework (CIF). And if your PBX isn't yet supported yet, we'll work with you to get it supported!

CallPAC taps into the features of the Dynamics 365 CIF to intercept calls coming in from your PBX system. It then matches the incoming number to fields you specify within Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, and displays the results in a simple grid within the widget provided by CIF to not distract or prevent your agent from continuing with their current task at hand. When ready, the agent can then choose from a number of predefined actions to perform on any selected result in the list, including viewing the related entities in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, opening a case for that entity, regarding this call to that entity or case, and so on and so forth. When the agent is done they can simply minimise the CIF widget and continue as they were. If they're not getting the results they expect, they can manually enter search criteria. Or if they have too many results, they can filter down the list further.

And it's not just the operation that is simple. CallPAC is composed entirely of Javascript, HTML, and Image Web Resources sitting in a solution in your environment. No plugins. No entity customisations. Nothing fancy or disruptive. Clean, simple, and gets the job done.

To learn more about CallPAC, enquire today for a fast, easy solution to your telephony requirements.